Reduce your carbon footprint one tree at a time

Do you wonder how your transport choices are affecting the planet? How can a car ride of a couple of kilometres be connected to global warming? Offset your emissions by supporting the afforestation efforts of Auroville. Make a positive impact by taking ownership of your travel, reducing and rebalancing these impacts by planting trees.
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Carbon Calculator

Flight Emissions

The calculator calculates flight emissions per person by mapping the spherical distance between the latitude and longitude of the input locations and multiplying it with suitable emission factors.

To analyse the carbon emissions from your air journey:
  • Enter the airports of origin and destination
  • Enter the total number of trips taken between the mentioned origin and destination
  • Select One Way or Return depending upon your journey type
  • Enter the number of individuals you want to calculate the emissions for
  • Use the + icon to add multiple trips over your journey
  • After entering travel details of all travel modes, press the Analyse button to get your emission summary which you can offset through Auroville forests by choosing the Plant Trees option.

This will direct you to the registration and payment page. And the rest will be taken care of by our hard working Auroville forest group!

Why use our free Carbon Calculator?

truck icon emitting carbon fumes
Calculate the impact of transport on the environment
leaf icon converting carbon dioxide to oxygen
Plant trees, they will absorb carbon dioxide during their lifetimes
 icon to represent forest with four trees
Help a forest grow - it cleans the air, stores water and nutrients and provides shelter to hundreds of animals
 icon of planet earth
Commit to continually reduce your future environmental impact

How are your emissions calculated?

Using globally-approved conversion factors, the Carbon Converter estimates your total transport emissions based on your input data. It also calculates the total number of trees required to absorb the carbon dioxide thereby helping you ‘convert’ these emissions.
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How can you offset your emissions?

Dedicated forest workers from the Auroville Forest Group will plant seedlings on your behalf and ensure appropriate watering, soil management, pruning and pest management.
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